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This feels like a nostalgia trip all the way to the beginning of Eddsworld. The Music Based Animation and Episode, The Zombie Premise, And the Art style Giving a old Flash Animation vibe. This is one of my favorites.



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This game is very well done, the art is amazing, and the gameplay is fast and fun. Though the amount of polish on the game isn't the best it is still a very fun game.

0h my g0b 50 600D 6AME!

I REALLY ENJOYED THIS GAME! The humor is great, the art I beautiful, and its overall just a really fun spin on the UNDERTALE Universe! I think the only problem I have with this game is the fact that there is no dialogue. (Yes, I know there are links to little vids that show you the story but) I think you should add more! if you added dialogue then it would feel like a full game! anyway, I really hope this game expands in the future!

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This song is absolutely great. From the instruments to the vibe everything is so nice. Not to mention that the song was already super nice.

Im making this one deltarune mod, and i wanted to ask if i can use this in my mod!

Now this is perfection right here.

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Scott Pilgrim Combined with chainsaw man is literally the best concept ever. The art style is perfectly captured and Denji, power, Kishibe, Samurai Sword, And Sawatari look great in this style. Keep up the great work.

Sick as hell. The Dimensions where captured so perfectly i thought he was a 3d model! I just kinda wish it was a little slowed so i could see the art better.

Downbad toad

Hey, I'm an Animator / Artist. My Discord is KAG#4400, I go my KAG, that stands for Kats Are God. (Cats Disapprove of Me, So I Decided to Worship Them Until They Approve.)


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